Comprehensive educational support of food-service providers facilitating demand on emerging special dietary restrictions consumer market

Partners: University of Economics in Križevci (VGUK), University of Kaposvár (MATE), Polytechnic of Virovitica (VUV), Kaposvar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SKIK) and Zalaegerszeg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZMKIK)

Project start: June 1, 2021,                                                               Project duration: 16 months

Total project value: 291.243,00 EUR                                                 VUV project value: 64.261,00 EUR

Project area

Higher education cooperation in the field of education of representatives of small agri-food companies, food service providers, students of vocational schools as potential future entrepreneurs in the sector, as well as consumers themselves on new trends in food consumption with emphasis on creating offers for consumers.

The subject of the project

Special food needs in the function of developing the tourist and catering offer of the cross-border HU-HR area and the design and implementation of informal educational programs for gastro tourism.

Purpose of the project

Develop comprehensive educational support for food producers and food preparation service providers who will be able to meet demand with special nutritional needs (functional food, healthy food, “free from food”, food of special nutritional value, etc.). With this approach, the project is aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship in the field of food production and preparation among students of agriculture and tourism in the cross-border area (HU-HR) with the aim of promoting the self-employment of young people.

The main goals of the project

Development and implementation of informal educational programs for gastro tourism (SKIK, ZMKIK, VUV), implementation of creative student camp (VGUK & MATE), workshops (VGUK), panel discussions for students, entrepreneurs, and academia in the segment of food production and tourism (VGUK), and a student workshop for innovations in the segment of food production focused on the special nutritional needs of certain target groups (VGUK).

Main project outputs

The project will create informal education programs for students/pupils and food tourism service providers (entrepreneurs in tourism), a study on the inclusion of individual stakeholders in the food tourism system, and a manual for educational support of foodservice providers that facilitate the search for special/new food categories dietary restrictions in identified target groups. It also includes exchange programs, a business idea competition, and a student creative camp.

Project beneficiaries

Students, agri-food processors, caterers, tourism workers.

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