The overall objective of the project is to improve the availability of training in the field of SPECIAL DIETARY RESTRICTIONS CONSUMER MARKET through development and implementation of training programs, creative student camp – workshop, panel discussion for students, entrepreneurs and academia, student workshop for innovation in the food production segment, idea competition for compilation of touristic product packages targeted at special dietary demands, workshop based on topic of different dietary approaches/trends, training on how to prepare “free” dishes.

Specific objectives are through development of student special training programs and transaction of trainings to improve the professional knowledge of students interested in food tourism and of trainers or teachers teaching at the courses.

With innovative solutions we contribute to the facilitation of food tourism business thinking among the young generation. This will be the business plan competition for touristic product packages targeted at special dietary demands, creative camp and building of awareness consumers among other target groups.

In relation to the subject of our project proposal it is important for us to support the collaboration among the actors in the sector of innovative food production and food delivery for special consumers’ groups and to change experience through personal experience.

This objective will be reached by two professional visits. The experiences gained during the visits will be built into the project activities. Next to this, specific objective of the project is the creation of a study which examines the dietary trends, nutrition related health problems, supply and demand of special dietary restrictions food products and proposals for transforming the food and agriculture system. Also, as a final objective is a handbook as a support of food-service providers facilitating demand on emerging special dietary restrictions consumer market.


  • Organization of panel discussion for students, entrepreneurs, and academia; 15 students, 5 entrepreneurs and 5 academia
  • Organization of workshop for innovation in the food production segment; 20 persons
  • 10 students taking part in the idea competition for compilation of touristic product packages targeted at special dietary demands
  • 4 trainings on how to prepare “free” dishes and related matters in Kaposvar and Zalaegerszeg; approx. 20 persons per training
  • 2 workshops and one sensitizing training for restaurant servers
  • Edition of Handbook for food-service providers facilitating demand on emerging special dietary restrictions consumer market
  • 4 counties influenced by the project (Zala, Somogy, Koprivnica-Krizevci and Virovitica-Podravska)
  • 2 events organized in HU and HR languages (opening and closing conferences)
  • 2 study tour for related service providers and partner organizations
  • Study tour for students; 10-10 HU-HR students
  • 20 students directly benefiting from the project as taking part in the student’s exchange program
  • Bilingual brochures in 300 copies
  • project visibility items (cups, bags, t-shirts, USB sticks, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Creation of data bases of providers of organic (or general) agricultural products that may be the subject of tourist offer, and tourist attractions for gastronomy tourism.


  • Panel discussion for students
  • Workshop
  • Field and desk research for MATE and VGUK
  • Student idea competition
  • Handbook
  • Project meeting
  • Design of image elements
  • Opening conference
  • Project brochure
  • Promotional materials, press release
  • Study
  • Creating data basis
  • Training materials
  • 2-day study tour for students
  • 4-day workshop – Creative Camp for students
  • Closing conference
  • Publicity: promotional materials, press article
  • Project meeting
  • Workshop on “free dishes”
  • 2-day study tour in the region
  • 2 pcs 30 hours’ trainings
  • Elaborated training material
  • Promotional materials and roll up
  • Publicity: 2 TV appearances, 2 press articles, 2 online articles, 1 roll up, promotional materials
  • Project meeting
  • 3-day study tour
  • 30 hours training How to prepare „free dishes”
  • Webpage + translation
  • Creation of data bases
  • Publicity: 2 articles in local press, promotional materials
  • Project meeting
  • 2 pcs training “Free from”
  • Workshop – My food my life
  • Common HU-HR workshop after the trainings for chefs and confectioners
  • Sensitizing training for restaurant servers
  • Animated film
  • Publicity: press article, promotional materials, roll up