On 17th of May 2022 the My food – my life workshop within the framework of GASTROTOP project was organised at Zalaegerszeg in Arany Bárány Hotel. At the event Krisztina Monori dietitian informed the attendance about the basics and particulars of ‘free from’ meals. Barbara Bolla naturopath-phytotherapist, certified aromatherapist, functional nutrition consultant presented about health challenges of intolerances, dietary supplements, herbs, the beneficial effects of essential oils for our health. With the help and lead of the presenters the attendees could prepare vegan milk and Superfood. The event was closed […]
    Within the framework of Interreg Hungary-Croatia Cooperation Programme – GASTROTOP project, on 14th October 2021 a sensitising programme was implemented for waiters and waitresses by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zala County.The aim of the event was to prepare the participants for reception and support of people who have any kind of food intolerance or allergy.On this event with the assistance of a coach the participants could dive into the topic and with tasks and loaded questions they reached the point to see the topic in proper perspective.The 13 […]